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Fields of Research of the Chair of International Management

Here you will find some research projects in dif­ferent indus­tries that our depart­ments are cur­rently working on.
Please note: Next reg­is­tra­tion for the double degree with Toulouse Busi­ness School is pos­sible for winter term 2021/2022

Return Policies of Multinational Online Retailers

Dr. Jana Gäthke is awarded a Young Academy schol­ar­ship by the Bavarian Academy of Sci­ences and Human­i­ties for her research project “Return poli­cies of multi­na­tional online retailers”.
Global e‑tailers face the chal­lenge to find a strategy that guar­an­tees a suc­cessful product return han­dling across coun­tries. This research exam­ines how product return policy restric­tive­ness and a cus­tomer-ori­ented insti­tu­tional envi­ron­ment affect Western vs. Eastern online retail cus­tomer behav­iors. Drawing on the con­cept of self-con­strual, it is exam­ined how product return policy restric­tive­ness and a cus­tomer-ori­ented insti­tu­tional envi­ron­ment affect Western vs. Eastern cus­tomer behav­iors (product returns and repur­chase). Con­sumer data from the U.S. and China shows that restric­tive return poli­cies decrease product returns in Western (not in Eastern) coun­tries and decrease repur­chases in both coun­tries. For the insti­tu­tional envi­ron­ment, there is a mirror-inverted pat­tern: It increases product returns in Eastern (not in Western) coun­tries but increases repur­chase in Western (not in Eastern) coun­tries. This research increases the under­standing of product returns in dif­ferent cul­tural envi­ron­ments and offers valu­able insights for a global product return man­age­ment.

Management of Product-Harm Crises
and Service Failure Situations

Due to rising com­plexity of prod­ucts and stricter product lia­bility acts, the number of product recalls is rising. More­over, cus­tomer expec­ta­tions are rising which leads to the chal­lenge how to handle cus­tomer com­plaints effec­tively. No com­pany is fail-safe, but for cus­tomer eval­u­a­tions it is cru­cial how com­pa­nies handle such crisis sit­u­a­tions. Together with inter­na­tional co-authors, we con­tribute to ser­vice recovery research as well as product recall research by con­ducting exper­i­mental research projects to examine the effec­tive­ness of dif­ferent cus­tomer recovery tac­tics.

Research Cooperations of the Chair of International Management

Good research does not end at uni­ver­sity or country bor­ders. Here you will find a selec­tion of our national and inter­na­tional part­ners.
  • Pro­fessor Helen Chun, Cor­nell Uni­ver­sity, Ithaca, New York (USA)
  • Dr. Dahlia El-Manstrly, Uni­ver­sity of Edin­burgh (UK)
  • Pro­fessor Yany Gré­goire, HEC Mon­tréal (Canada)
  • Dr. Sebas­tian Koch, Uni­ver­sität Augs­burg (Ger­many)
  • Pro­fessor Nicole Koschate-Fis­cher, Uni­ver­sität Nürn­berg (Ger­many)
  • Dr. Amin Nazifi, Uni­ver­sity of Strath­clyde, Glasgow (UK)
  • Pro­fessor Chiara Ors­ingher, Uni­ver­sity of Bol­gogna (Italy)
  • Pro­fessor Cris­tiane Piz­zutti, Uni­ver­si­dade Fed­eral do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre (Brazil)
  • Pro­fessor Holger Roschk, Alpen Adria Uni­ver­sität Kla­gen­furt (Aus­tria)
  • Pro­fessor Yvonne Stedham, Uni­ver­sity of Reno, Nevada (USA)